Privacy Policy

For all sites that are managed by Silk Thread Dev

Data Collection and Usage:

Any data entered on our sites for contacting, signing up, or using our services is considered confidential. Only the owner of the site has direct access to this data. The owner may grant access to administrators, such as myself, for assistance with applications or troubleshooting, but direct access to any other data is not granted. Photos are stored in Cloudflare CDN, and images are accessible by the admin. We strictly prohibit any degrading or harmful images, especially those containing minors. No data is sold by the admin, site hosting, or proxy services. However, the owner of the site or services may use the data as they see fit. If you have specific questions, please contact the site owner for assistance.

Data Storage and Processing:

All data is stored within the US. All sites and requests are encrypted with SSL/TSL. All sites and services are proxied through Cloudflare and have multiple layers of firewalls for added security.

User Rights:

Any personal data stored by a user can be requested to be downloaded and/or removed from any site under this management. Please send all requests to [email protected].


We only gather regional origin of a request to track user reach, but no specific user information is stored there. When a user visits the site, the request is logged by the proxy, but this data is stored within our servers and is dumped monthly.

Data Retention:

Unless data is used for purchasing items, at most, data will exist on our services for up to 3 years without active access before it is deleted. Please note that data is subject to be deleted early if the need may arise, due to storage limits or other mitigating factors. However, at no time will data from an inactive user be held for more than 3 years. For data related to services provided or retail purchases, that data may remain for up to 7 years or more depending on the nature of the transaction, warranty, and other factors.

Cookies Policy

Our website may use cookies to enhance your experience and provide essential functionality. Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your device that help us improve our services and understand how our website is used. We do not use cookies for tracking purposes or to collect personally identifiable information.

Some cookies are necessary for the functioning of the site, such as those used for authentication or to remember user preferences. These cookies are essential for the operation of the website and are automatically set when you interact with the site.

We do may also use cookies for analytics purposes to track website traffic and usage patterns. However, these cookies do not store any personal information and are used solely for statistical analysis to improve our services.